What’s been happening?

21 Jul

Again it feels like some time since blogging.

I was asked yesterday by one of the team that employ me how I felt about how the first academic year in Alderholt has gone. The tone of this wasn’t about trying to justify but was more genuinely about how I’m doing and how I’m feeling about the challenge of building a greater sense of community, developing new ways of being church and helping the church to understand that it has a significant role to play.

My normal answer to such a question is ‘it depends on which day you ask me.’ Within the small details it can feel like a struggle, the day to day making stuff happen, organising, finding money, trying to develop team is tiring and time consuming. Bigger picture we are getting there. Forest Edge Coffee Shop has so much potential that we are only scratching the surface of. The youth work provision is small but again has a place to develop i think. Links with our school are growing and developing, opportunities such as the Sacred Space: Prayer Path that I set up last week have started to give a sense of ways that we can develop. The mission shaped church conversations held have both been frustrating and positive. Frustrating in the sense of me wanting to crack on, to develop and start something new, small and gritty. Positive in the sense that others understand better my reasoning and thinking, that sense of permission giving growing even if it’s not for them.

This weekend is the village festival which I’m told is the biggest event of the year which is organised by the church which employ me. We also have Stacey who will start as our gap year student in September coming to visit for the weekend.

All in all we are probably about where I hoped we would be. There are joys and frustrations in different measures on different weeks.


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