Thought for the Week

26 Jul

Yesterday I emailed out my 40th thought for the week since arriving here. By complete coincidence 40 was an important theme. One of my tasks this summer is to try and compile these thoughts into a logical form to produce a short book.

40 Days

In 40 days I will have inhabited this planet for 29 years and 56 days. In 40 days time the new football season will have begun and my son will still be on his summer holidays. In 40 days it will be time for another haircut, time for another mortgage payment and probably time for another gas bill to be paid.

In 40 days I will be more experienced, probably feel like I have even more questions about life and faith.

In 40 days I want to be different from I am today.

Experts say it takes about 40 days to form a new habit, to commit it memory so it becomes a part of us. Today as you read this I wonder if there is a new habit, a new routine or a new way of being that you want to introduce.

What if today was a day when you could introduce something into your life which will go on to impact others and in some way change the world.

Could today be that day?


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