A match made in heaven

3 Aug

What a great night last night was. Good company at the Union Chapel the best music venue in London seeing Athlete playing a stripped back set of reworked numbers especially for the occasion.

Firstly what makes the Union special is the mix of ancient and modern. Surrounded by stain glass windows with candles and pews galore. In front jutting out from the pulpit a stage with lights, grandma esk lamps and all of the normal band kind of parefonalia¬† that accompanies such events. All of this mixed with having a beer in the bar which has the feel of an old sunday school room and the chance to have a lovely meal with all the profits going to the churches homeless project. As we finish our beers we move into the chapel itself (no alcohol in here though although the band arrive laden with single malt which they tease us with mid-set). We do however get ourselves cups of fresh coffee rather nice but didn’t help on a rather hot evening and the price for these is not as astronomical as you come to expect on such evenings. All this before the arrival of Athlete, lead singer Joel appears completely at ease these days and in between some stripped back reworkings of familiar tunes enjoys some good banter with the gathered crowd. The word crowd doesn’t however truly represent the intimacy of this gig. Now I’ve seem athlete many times but this really was a gorgeous experience. I remember hearing Bono say that when u2 play one that that is when God enters the room. Well today there are similar moments and none more than so than the usual ‘Wires.’

With the surroundings and the faith of the band it truly was a match made in heaven.



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