11 Oct

I’ve been thinking over the past months about timing. In particular the timing and process for the announcement of new ideas and projects. An oft spoken about theme within churches is around communication and I think the same I have discovered around community work within smallish communities.

Now the question I have been left pondering is how far down the line of a new idea do you make it public?

In the initial stages some people involved may know and be a part of that embrionic development but this idea might not come to fruition for quite some time if at all.

The other extreme is to wait until everything is sorted, organised and nailed down. At this stage however it can leave people feeling like they haven’t had a voice or been consulted. The danger is that the idea is done ‘to them’ rather than ‘with them.’ This is This can be especially dangerous in a church leadership capacity when a public announcement is made about what we are going to do.

This whole subject seems like walking a fairly fine tightrope

Any thoughts?



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