Training Session 3

28 Oct

Following my schedule precisely so far in terms of distance. Another 2 miler today but went intentionally a bit faster and decided to hit Drove End for a bit of a trail run and also a few hills. Managed just over 10 mins per mile.

Had a good stretch and some ibuprohen gel on the calf before going and it seemed to loosen up nicely after half a mile. Booked in however next Fri to have a sports massage and get a professional opinion. To me it feels like the muscle has lots of knots in it. It doesn’t feel bad enough not to run but is instead a nagging pain that hasn’t cleared up with rest. Hopefully a painful sports massage will rectify it.

Also tried experimenting with a Lucozade gel on route, made me feel a bit queasy, water with it next time I think. Might be good when I get into the longer runs.


2 Responses to “Training Session 3”

  1. David Kelly October 28, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Not that it’s any substitute for proper advice from a physio but… how do you stretch your calf? A physio I went to showed me a different way which i find much more effective.

    Basically stand in a doorway facing the frame, put your toes against the frame about 6 inches off the floor with your heel on the floor and that leg straight and your other leg behind you a bit supporting you. Then pull your body closer to the door frame. Tilting the pelvis can control the degree of stretch as well. Also bending the knee of the leg you are stretching stretches different parts of the calf. Make any sense?

    Might help if just tightness is the problem! I’ve entered the Bath half marathon next year to see if i can beat my pb, haven’t started trainging yet though!

  2. weirdhippy October 28, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    thanks David, I’ll give it a try. I tend to use stairs with my toe on the end and tips my heals down. Hopefully it is just tightness but I tend to get knots in my muscles a bit, I don’t think football over the years has done too much good!

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