Understanding Myself

16 Nov

I caught 30 mins this morning to read my current book ‘Naked Spirituality’ which I heard Brian McLaren speak about whilst I was at Greenbelt this year.

Here is a quote from a larger section which I just found incredibly important and applicable. Nothing new really to me but the reading of it hit me deep in my soul.

“I realised that down inside of me, I had an enemy, not a friend. If my friend made a mistake, I would tell him it was OK, that nobody’s perfect. But when I made a mistake, I would constantly beat myself up and mercilessly take myself to task. If a friend was working too hard, I would tell him to relax, to take a day off, to go fishing or play a round of golf. But down inside me was a cruel taskmaster who was never satisfied. If a friend had some weakness, I would be gracious and compassionate. But not so with myself.

….. I actually needed to follow Jesus’ words about loving others as myself, which required me to first be a friend to myself.”


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