Leading out of who you are

27 Jan

Today I am in the middle of 3  separate meetings with youth work/ministry students. I love my role supporting them, challenging them, helping them to reflect. This is probably the hat out of the various that I wear I feel the most comfortable with. I love the journey from a seemingly insignificant comment to the joining of the dots between events, attitudes, thoughts and dreams. It makes me happy, I like to challenge them and help them to dive deeper.

For me inbetween these meetings I have been reading Simon’s Walker’s ‘Leading out of who you are.’ This is on the recommendation of my spiritual director Tony Cant and already this book is hitting me hard, articulating beautifully my struggles, fears and hopes. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

I am astounded however within my place of lonely leadership/pioneering that the 2 books that I am reading prove the often ignored fact that I am not alone through this, that this is a path already trodden and there are lessons to learn.



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