Alderholt does Lent

17 Feb

Our Alderholt Lent book with preface by the Bishop of Salisbury has arrived. A few of us have been working hard on this for a while collating people’s favourite quotations, prayers and also coming up with simple actions to complete during Lent. It also contains a short reflection for each Sunday during lent.

It has a Alderholt flavour but in my opinion would still be a good Lent book for anyone. It is very simple and accessible for all kinds of people and it’s only £4!


Naked Spirituality

14 Feb

“We must celebrate the rich heritage of our religious traditions, but those traditions are now the foundation on which we build, not the ceiling under which we are trapped.” – Brian McLaren

13 Feb


hmm needed an online pic for a speaker biog so thought I’d put it here. I have bu chance just made a picture of me my 1000th post!

Keeping On

2 Feb

Sometimes the way ahead is unclear, each turn in the road brings a new obstacle. There are 2 options, to give up or to plow on through. Today I choose to plow on.

Life affirming

27 Jan

check out this post and the blog of my friend Roy. This is a beautiful thing.

Leading out of who you are

27 Jan

Today I am in the middle of 3  separate meetings with youth work/ministry students. I love my role supporting them, challenging them, helping them to reflect. This is probably the hat out of the various that I wear I feel the most comfortable with. I love the journey from a seemingly insignificant comment to the joining of the dots between events, attitudes, thoughts and dreams. It makes me happy, I like to challenge them and help them to dive deeper.

For me inbetween these meetings I have been reading Simon’s Walker’s ‘Leading out of who you are.’ This is on the recommendation of my spiritual director Tony Cant and already this book is hitting me hard, articulating beautifully my struggles, fears and hopes. I’m sure there will be more to follow.

I am astounded however within my place of lonely leadership/pioneering that the 2 books that I am reading prove the often ignored fact that I am not alone through this, that this is a path already trodden and there are lessons to learn.



20 Jan

Here is the last month of non-blogging in bite sized pieces:

1) Good Christmas and New Year back London way.

2) The Wander of Wonder went well.

3) Great weekend in Center Parcs.

4) Extremely busy start to the new year.

5) Very thought provoking meeting with my Spiritual Director.

6) reCreate Festival in Alderholt is given the go ahead from the PCC, much to do.

7) Fun helping out co-hosting on HopeFM.

8) Struggling with all there is to do and my sense of vocation.

9) Editing a Lent Book

10) Learning to give myself ‘a break’ not in terms of time off but in terms of my expectations of myself and my perceived expectations from others.

11) 9 Mile training run for the London Marathon this morning.

12) Lack of enthusiasm for my blog.

13) Cracked the secret to making a good beef and guiness pie.