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27 Sep
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This email was intended for Lindsay Nelson (Student at Pensacola State College). Learn why we included this. 2012, LinkedIn Corporation. 2029 Stierlin Ct. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA



With Best Wishes

5 Nov

If you can’t read this message please click this link.

Specially For You

29 Oct

I’m sending you a link that we were talking about Hope it will be useful for you

As I Promised

26 Oct

What a nice offer I enjoyed it!

Present For You

28 Jun

I forgot to send you a link Here is it

Alderholt does Lent

17 Feb

Our Alderholt Lent book with preface by the Bishop of Salisbury has arrived. A few of us have been working hard on this for a while collating people’s favourite quotations, prayers and also coming up with simple actions to complete during Lent. It also contains a short reflection for each Sunday during lent.

It has a Alderholt flavour but in my opinion would still be a good Lent book for anyone. It is very simple and accessible for all kinds of people and it’s only £4!

Naked Spirituality

14 Feb

“We must celebrate the rich heritage of our religious traditions, but those traditions are now the foundation on which we build, not the ceiling under which we are trapped.” – Brian McLaren